Relax The Cacks! Now in a 440ml can


If you’ve ever enjoyed a trip to Wigwam, The Square Ball, The Back Page, The Bernard Shaw, Jam Park, or MVP, then it’s quite likely you’ve also enjoyed a pint of Relax the Cacks.

It’s a session IPA created by Rossa O’Neill at Brewtonic and brewed here at Rascals HQ Inchicore. It has a dark gold appearance with a simple malt base to let the dank piney resinous hops shine through, and a citrus, gooseberry and tropical fruit aroma. As craft beers go, it’s a humdinger.


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What’s happening 😎: Thursday – Quiz Friday – Bingo Saturday & Sunday – Brunch Info:

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The Square Ball on Hogan Place in Dublin 2. Back in ‘normal times’ you’d have enjoyed a pint of Relax The Cacks there. 

And now for the first time ever we’ve gone and canned it! Yep, Relax the Cacks will be available in a 440ml can, delivered straight to your door or available to collect here at Rascals Brewery.


Ian Alvey is the General Manager with Bodytonic. “It’s always been a really popular beer for our regulars and for visitors,” he explains, “Relax the Cacks would have been a ‘go-to’ beer for loads of people and especially as it’s unique to our bars. It’s brilliant to see it in cans, the regulars will be missing this, along with plenty of other things about their local pubs.”

Like so many people in the hospitality industry, Ian is cautious about the issue of reopening. “It’s a big challenge for bars in terms of following the right health procedures,” he says. “The amount of people that can be allowed into a bar at one time would be tricky to manage. There’s been a good case made to reopen before phase 5, but it depends on government response at this stage.”


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Here we are now, doing the lords work. We’ve Where Good Friends Meet on decks tonight from 10 bells – strictly BYOfriend

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Familiar scenes everyone hopes to see again: a busy bar at The Bernard Shaw

Nobody disagrees that the reopening of pubs should proceed with the utmost caution but a big consideration for bar owners is the inevitable loss of income because of reduced capacity.

“Some publicans might prefer to lose a bit of money just to be open and provide a service,” suggests Ian. “Pubs survive on Fridays and Saturdays nights, and if you can’t maximize your seats and space on those weekend nights then you’re in trouble. It would be great if we could have people drinking outside more. The government could look at that maybe. There are restrictions in place in terms of ‘drinking in a public space’. Depending on the establishment, you could have a lot more customers standing out  the front. It would be a very positive step.”

We’ve still many weeks to go before we’ll see pubs reopen but in the meantime you can now get a top class Brewtonic beer, freshly canned at Rascals and tasting as great as it always has. Relax the Cacks is available on pre-sale, on our shop, from midday on Thursday May 7th with deliveries being sent out from Tuesday May 12th and collection available from Thursday May 14th.