Midwest IPA

12 cans = €54 / 6.1% ABV


The first in an exciting 4-beer release! We call it the Rascals IPA Outbreak Series: four seriously classy IPAs, each with a particular inspiration.

This one is what we’ve called a Midwest IPA and here’s why: Idaho 7 is an all-American classic hop, developed at Jackson Hop Farms, Idaho. Just a few miles from the border with Oregon, this hop is commonly used in West Coast IPAs but our latest new brew is somewhere east of that strict definition, so let’s call it a Midwest IPA.

Idaho 7 yields a lot of apricot and orange but also noticeable resinous pine and even tea. We supplemented the brew with Strata, a hop originating from Oregon, for some extra tropical hoppiness and a dank, herbal earthy aroma. We’ve also used bitterness properties to put this beer somewhere not quite fully west nor fully east, but nicely positioned in between. Midwest IPA is clear, sitting at around 33 IBU (International Bitterness Units), which is a lot higher than an East Coast style would be, but not high enough to be a true West Coast.

It’s a ‘camping trip’ kind of beer, with a promise of the great outdoors and spring finally being in the air! Bag some cans before it sells out.

Delivery typically takes 2 – 3 working days.

We also sell mixed cases of Midwest IPA and other Rascals beers!

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