Welcome to our off-licence! Have we got brews for you…




We’re delighted to have our off-licence open at Rascals HQ, just inside the door of our taproom and restaurant here in Goldenbridge Estate, across from the Oblates church. You’ll get the freshest beer in town, straight from the brewing tanks into cans and mini kegs. As well as being able to purchase our limited edition new releases, we’re also giving you the chance to exclusively pick up mini kegs of our Pilot Kit Series beers.


These are wonderful ales and stouts brewed on our 250L pilot kit at Rascals. A lot of time, thought and careful brewing has gone into developing new recipes and we reckon you’re going to love them. We take these finished beers and put them into a very limited number of 5L mini kegs. They can only be purchased at Rascals HQ, or on our webshop here, so you’d want to get your skates on and pick a few up before they’re gone.


(Some products are subject to availability and may be sold out)


We also sell spirits from our neighbours and good friends Stillgarden Distillery.  They are an independent distillery, bringing their spirit of prosocial disruption to the world through science, community & nature. Their signature collection of spirits  are made with a selection of botanicals that will probably surprise you. In fact, that’s the point: they create beautiful drinks that you can’t get anywhere else!



So now you know where to come for the FULL range of Rascals beers! There is quite literally a never-ending supply of beer here. What a time to be alive.


Don’t forget your shopping bag!