Chai So Serious

In a Nutshell

Chai. Zingy. Sweet.

The Full Story

This milk stout has been brought to a new dimension with the creative addition of a carefully selected chai mix. Its core is a sweet and chocolatey roast that you would expect from a well-made milk stout. Then come the vibrant additions of ginger, cardamom, cassia and cloves. Add in the lactose and you could be mistaken for drinking an iced chai latte!

For the Beer Geeks

Malt: Stout Malt, Crystal 150, Chocolate Malt, Cara Malt, Flaked Oats, Brown Malt, Rye Malt
Hops: Magnum
Yeast: Safale S-04
Other: Lactose, Ginger, Cardamom, Cassia, Cloves
ABV: 4.8 %