Betty’s dry-hopped New Zealand lager

In a Nutshell

Crisp, bright Helles lager with a tropical touch of New Zealand hops.

The Full Story

We’ve taken a Pilsner malt, Helles yeast and we’ve added Betty hops in the whirlpool and when we dry-hopped the beer too. These special hops are named after Betty Eggers who has been farming hops, with her husband Bruce, in Sunrise Valley New Zealand for over fifty years. The flavour and aroma suggests gooseberry and lime; it suits the lager incredibly well and makes it more refreshing, with extra crispness on the finish. The colours are unreal too; it’s a damn pretty looking beer!

For the Beer Geeks

Malt: Pilsner, Vienna, Melanoidn, Acid
Hops: Magnum, Betty
Yeast: Vermont
ABV: 4.5%