Havana Ball

In a Nutshell

Take your taste buds on a Caribbean holiday with this vegan piña colada milkshake IPA.

The Full Story

We’ve collaborated with our Nottingham friends Neon Raptor Brewing Company and created something pretty special: a smooth piña colada vegan milkshake IPA! We’ve used pineapple puree and coconut extract for that lovely rich creamy taste balanced with tangy sweet fruit – exactly what you’d expect from a piña colada. Throw in a little vanilla and you’ve accentuated that subtle sweetness and creamy texture. Sabro and Motueka hops were on the bill. The former are known for sweet citrus and coconut aromas and flavours, while the latter yields tropical fruits as well as lime. Plenty of oats and wheat have been added to the brew and for the vegan credentials we used maltodextrin instead of lactose. This creates a heavier and creamier mouthfeel, just like lactose would. It’s a gorgeous beer and perfect for sipping out the back on a sunny, balmy and/or wet, windy evening. We can’t guarantee the weather but we can guarantee the beer!

For the Beer Geeks

Malt: Lager malt, wheat, oats
Hops: Motueka, Sabro
Yeast: Vermont
Other: coconut extract, pineapple puree, maltodextrin
ABV: 5%