Rascals Craft Brewing margarite sour gose
Rascals Craft Brewing Margarite Sour Gose Tasting Notes

Margarita – Soured not Shaken

In a Nutshell

Lime  |  Sea Salt  |  Coriander

The Full Story

Margarita – Soured not Shaken is the Capital Brewers award winning home-brew competition recipe, by champion Simon Finnegan. It is a spin on the classic Margarita cocktail featuring a burst of coriander, refreshing zingy lime followed up with a crisp sea salt finish. Lactobacillus is used to create a mouth puckering sourness with a dry finish which leaves you wanting more.

For the Beer Geeks

Malt: Lager, wheat, acid
Hops: no hops were harmed in the making of this beer!
Yeast: WLP001
Other: Lactobacillus (bacteria), lime, sea salt, coriander