Sidekick IPA

In a Nutshell

Classic nod to IPAs: your new drinking buddy!

The Full Story

Dive into Sidekick: channeling the spirit of classic American IPAs. Consider it an ‘old skool’ homage, a testament to brewing traditions. Bursting with hops, Sidekick blends Centennial’s pine and floral notes with Citra’s bright citrus flavours, creating a proper knees-up for your taste buds. Enjoy its hoppy richness, resinous character, and piney undertones. Sidekick boasts a finely balanced malt backbone, culminating in a clean, bitter finish. Say hi to your new drinking buddy!

For the Beer Geeks

Malt: Pale, Munich, CaraGold
Hops: Centennial, Citra, Citra Spectrum, Ekuanot
Yeast: LAX
ABV: 5.3%