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Rascals Brewing Co. is independently owned by craft beer loving couple Emma Devlin and Cathal O’Donoghue. Our craft beer obsession began in 2009 while living in Wellington, the craft beer capital of New Zealand. The obsession quickly progressed to home brewing and since moving back to Ireland we have had many successes with our brews. After winning 2 brewing competitions in 2013 we made the BOLD decision to go commercial and invested our life-savings in a 950L brewery based in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin.

Rascals Brewing Co. are proud to create BOLD IRISH BEER. This is more than just a catchphrase, it’s the philosophy behind what we brew, how we think, and what we believe. Our beers are slightly off-centered, we like to brew popular beer styles but with the Rascals twist.

We bring you beers that will speak to you directly, inform and educate you about what you are drinking and hopefully ​make you smile in the process. Rascals Brewing Co. beers are for everyone, so go ahead and beer yourself with Rascals.

Personal Info

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  • Unit 16, Block 613, Greenogue Industrial Estate, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin.
  • rascalsbrewing@gmail.com

Our Beer

Rascals Ginger porter, bronze medal

Ginger Porter

Speciality Porter, 4.8%

Released in December 2013

A traditional Porter recipe brewed with fresh root ginger. A medium-bodied, smooth, dark ale with a strong roast character with a fresh, zingy finish delivered from the fresh root ginger.

Awards: Our Ginger Porter won a bronze medal at the Alltech International Beer Convention 2014.

Big Hop Red

Big Hop Red

Red Ale, 5%

Released in June 2014

A lively, hoppy, Red Ale with a sweet caramel malt backbone. Big Hop Red has a light bitterness with a generous serving of West Coast American flavor and aroma hops. Big Hop Red has been dry hopped to give it an extra kick of zesty hop flavor and piney aroma.

Awards: Big Hop Red won the Fan Favourite Award in the Red/Amber/Brown Category at the All-Ireland Irish Craft Beer Festival 2014.

Wit Woo

Wit Woo

Belgian Wit, 4%

Released in June 2014

A refreshing, low-ABV, Belgian wheat beer. Wit-Woo is a straw-coloured, cloudy wheat beer brewed with Orange Peel and Coriander Seed which delivers a wonderful refreshing, citrus flavor and aroma. A bright, elegant beer, Wit Woo will leave you wanting more and more!!

Awards:Fan Favourite Award in the Wheat/Blond Category at the All-Ireland Irish Craft Beer Festival 2014.

Silver medal at Alltech International Beer Convention 2015.


Seasonal Beers 2014

Kim Jong Lem-un

Kim Jong Lem-Un


Lemon Saison Seasonal Brew No.1

Released in September 2014

National Homebrew Club Summer Session Competition Winner. A crisp, refreshing Saison brewed with lemon peel, whole lemons and Wakatu Hops from New Zealand. A perfect session beer.

Rascals chocolate ginger porter

Chocolate Ginger Porter

Speciality Porter Seasonal Brew No.2

Released in December 2014

This award-winning beer is brewed with a unique combination of ingredients. Cacao Nibs deliver a deep, rich chocolate flavour to compliment the dark roasted malts while fresh root Ginger adds a distinct zing and balance to this very special Porter.

Awards: Gold medal at Alltech International Beer Convention 2014.

Silver medal at Alltech International Beer Convention 2015.


Seasonal Beers 2015

Kiwi Pale Ale

Kiwi Pale Ale

Beer No.1 in our World Hop Series

Released in February 2015  

Kiwi Pale Ale is full of big tropical flavours and aromas of foreign lands such as Lychee, Watermelon and Sauvignon Blanc! Brewed with three New Zealand hops, Wakatu, Waimea and Motueka late in the boil and again at dry hop stage for an extra bang of hoppiness!

Wunderbar German IPA

Beer No.2 in our World Hop Series

Released in April 2015

Wunderbar is our wonderful experimental German IPA brewed with new breed German hops, Mandarina Bavaria and Hallertau Blanc. These hops give the beer a delightful mandarin and grapefruit aroma and flavour with some sherbet sweetness thrown in also! Wunderbar is brewed with Irish Ale and Munich malt giving the beer a bright golden colour. A true IPA and beautifully balanced at 6% and 70 IBU.

Yankee White IPA

Beer No.3 in our World Hop Series

Released in July 2015

Yankee White IPA is based on our Belgian Wit Woo recipe but with a New World hoppy twist! Heavily hopped with American Amarillo and Citra to give a juicy, tangerine and stone fruit flavour and aroma. Yankee White IPA has all the complex hop flavour of an IPA and is finely balanced with the bright flavour of a wheat beer!

Rain Czech Pilsner

Beer No.4 in our World Hop Series

Released in August 2015

Rain Czech Pilsner is our version of a traditional-style Czech Pilsner. This is a bright, straw coloured lager with taste. Rain Czech is bursting with floral and earthy flavours from Saaz and Sladek hops. We use lager malt and a touch of Cara-pils for an extra bit of body and creaminess. This is how lagers were designed to taste!!


Holy Schmidt Pale Ale

Rugby World Cup Beer!

Released in October 2015

We Rascals are big rugby fans so we decided so brew a beer dedicated to the Rugby World Cup and the Irish team's great leader, Holy Schmidt! This is an Oatmeal Pale Ale brewed with Flahavan's finest Jumbo Oats which gives the beer a slick and creamy mouthfeel. The hops include El Dorado and Cascade. Together these hops give Holy Schmidt lots of grapefruit and stone fruit flavours and aromas. This is an easy-drinking, rugby watching Oatmeal Pale Ale!

Flamin' Red DIPA

Beer No.5 in our World Hop Series

Released in December 2015

Flamin' Red DIPA is a red, double IPA brewed with Australian hops, Ella and Vic Secret. Plenty of caramel malts and double doses of late and dry hopping gives this beer divine juicy sweetness. Think big passionfruit, pineapple and orange zest flavours and aromas, medium body and lots of love...she's a real beaut!!


Our beer is available on draught and in cans.

Here's a list of our stockists, we update this all the time so please check back often to find a pint of Rascal's near you!

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