Haywire Farmhouse Ale

In a Nutshell

Traditional beer style given a Rascals and Kinnegar twist.

The Full Story

Treat yourself to an amazing farmhouse ale that’s just spot-on. Our special collaborative beer with Donegal maestros Kinnegar Brewing, is whipped up using an exceptional saison yeast, and trust us, it’s stacked with flavour. We kept things cool in the mash to give it that nice, crisp kick, and the Motueka hops add a burst of zesty citrus vibes with their gentle dry hopping dance. And, because we like to give things a twist, we threw in some cardamom for a mix of herbal and citrus goodness. Dive into this carefully crafted gem: it’s the Massey Ferguson of farmhouse ales.

For the Beer Geeks

Malt: Lager Malt, Wheat Malt, Acid Malt
Hops: Motueka
Yeast: LalBrew Farmhouse Yeast
Other: Cardamom
ABV: 3.8%