Planet of the Apricots – Pale Ale

In a Nutshell

Apricoty | Velvet | Tart finish

The Full Story

Planet of the Apricots is a Vermont, hop forward, Pale Ale, bursting with Apricot goodness!

Brewed on a light malt base of pale, lager, wheat, oats & dextrin. For hops, we carefully selected whirlpool and dry hop varieties that accentuate the juicy apricot flavours; Amarillo, Yellow Sub & Vic Secret and yeast wise it was a no brainer that Planet of the Apricots needed our new favourite fruity yeast, Vermont. 100kg of French Apricot puree was added towards the end fermentation and the resulting beer is a complex, fruity, medium bodied pale ale with a tart finish delivered by the Apricots. Enjoy!!

For the Beer Geeks

Hops: Amarillo, Yellow Sub, Vic Secret
Malt: Pale, Lager, Wheat, Oats, Dextrin
Yeast: Vermont
Other: Apricot Puree
ABV: 5%