Social Hops

The Full Story

Social Hops is an Urban Farm project we got involved with in 2016. Word was put out to the general public to purchase hop rhizomes and grow them in their balconies or gardens. Most of the growers were centred around Dublin and South Leinster. Prima Donna and Cascade hops were grown and the hops were harvested one Saturday in September, we collected them on the Sunday and we popped the whole 10kg gathered into our kettle the next Monday for a very special Irish brew!

Social Hops #1 is a Wet Hop Ale. Hops are normally dried when harvested but Wet Hop Ale is another style which uses hops straight off the vines. We brewed this beer with Irish Ale malt and a touch of Munich malt for added colour and malt flavour. The hops used were all Prima Donna which offered subtle soft lemon and floral notes. A very drinkable and refreshing Wet Hop Ale!

For the Beer Geeks

Malt: Irish Ale, Munich
Hops: Prima Donna
ABV: 4.5%
Bitterness: Low