Weisse Guys

In a Nutshell


The Full Story

Weisse Guys is a collaboration with our buddies at Brewtonic. The official style of the beer is a Hopfen-Weisse. Brewed with German Wheat yeast for it’s sweet banana profile and paired up with late and dry hopping of a subtle bouquet of fruity hops; Yellow Sub, Centennial, El Dorado and Calypso. We couldn’t leave it there so for a Rascals twist and to embrace Brewtonic’s cocktails, we decided to add some lemon zest to the mix.

Weisse Guys is a complex fruit bomb with lashings of flavour from the yeast, hops and lemon zest and also a balanced bitterness from the lemon. It has a big body and at 6%, she stands her ground!

For the Beer Geeks!

Style: Hopfen Weisse
Malts: Lager, Wheat, Munich, Vienna
Hops: Yellow Sub, Centennial, El Dorado and Calypso
Yeast: WB06
Bitterness: Medium
ABV: 6%