Strawberry Vanilla Shake Canned!

This is our new Strawberry Vanilla Shake IPA made in collaboration with Idlewild bar on Fade St, Dublin. In true Rascals style, this is an IPA with a major Rascally twist!

This IPA starts out with notes of strawberry and vanilla with a full body thanks to the wheat and oats. It is sweet and creamy, brewed with lots of Citra and Mosaic hops to boost the fruit strawberry milkshake effect yet keeps it a down-to-earth IPA.

Velvety and rich, if this doesn’t bring all the boys to the yard I don’t know what will! Especially now that we are canning it for you!

Will be available in O’Briens Wines Off Licences, Molloys, and other independent Off Licences around the country!