Mother of Jaysus, it’s the Mother of Dragons


Winter is coming. Well, not really, but the final series of Game of Thrones returns to our screens on April 14th. It’s one of the best TV series ever made, but obviously not as great as The Sopranos which remains unchallenged as The Greatest TV Series In The History of The World.

We’ve decided to mark this momentous occasion by introducing a fiery hot tasty pizza called The Mother of Dragons. 

Rascals HQ pizza chef Patrick ‘Patch’ Browne says: “We wanted to make a pizza with plenty of heat, but not compromise on taste. It’s too easy to just wang a load of red hot chilli peppers on to a pizza. The Mother of Dragons is hot but it’s also extremely tasty with perfectly complementary toppings.

We’ve got some nice hot pepperoni first of all, which is the world’s favourite pizza topping. Some red onion and buffalo mozzarella come next, then we’ve added ‘nduja. This is an Italian minced salami, blended with hot red peppers, and sometimes served with bread or in pasta dishes. It gives a lovely texture and spicy taste when used as a pizza topping. Lastly, in order to truly live up to the Mother of Dragons name, we’ve added Habanero chilli for some proper heat as well as flavour and aroma.”

The Mother of Dragons is available throughout the month of April at Rascals HQ taproom & pizza restaurant. Book a table here or call 01 5382051.