Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Rascals is entering the last few days of brewing in its original home of Rathcoole, Co. Dublin. Oh if the walls of that building could talk! They’d say we’ve brewed a tremendous amount of superb quality beer here, that’s what they’d say.

These tanks were installed in March 2014. The first ever batch was brewed in May, and then Rascals was launched in June of that year. Now we’re moving to our new digs in Goldenbridge Estate, Inchicore. The brewing vessels in Rathcoole have been loyal servants, each and every one of them.

There’s old plucky No. 8. He was just six days away from retirement. In the end, his legs just gave in and he developed a bit of a yeast allergy. Not great if you’re a brewing vessel. We’ll give him a good send off before he retires to the Old Fermenters Home.

Pressure’s for tyres, wha? We also have to pay homage to No.5, a real warhorse. He was the kind of tank you’d want on your side going in to battle. There was one occasion when No. 5 had to singlehandedly see a special IPA batch over the line with an intense deadline looming. He will be decorated for his valour.

As the saying goes, God doesn’t shut one door but he slams another. We’re winding up in Rathcoole, but we’re gearing up in Inchicore. Shiny new fermenters, a beautiful brewhouse, and even a pilot kit for getting kinky with recipes. No, not that kind of kinky, just adventurous. Like, nothing to do with sex. That’s just your warped mind. Check out the old office below. It was a bit of a dingy, damp, miserable, cold hellhole, but you know what? It was OUR dingy, damp, miserable, cold hellhole.

That’s Ger, head of sales. Heck of a guy. He could sell sand to the Arabs. In fact, that’s what he used to do. Ger’s Sand Shipping, direct to the Middle East. He only went out of business because of a regime change in Saudi Arabia. Oh, and also because they had enough sand.

A new chapter begins in December 2018. The place? Rascals HQ. The time? December 2018, I just said that. Join us in our story!