Tokyo Calling: Our New Asian Dub Creation

The latest 400ml limited edition craft beer from Rascals


Here’s a question that was put to us by one of our followers on Twitter:

Well may you ask Joe, well may you ask. Our new session IPA is brewed with yuzu and lychee, two Asian fruits with very distinct characteristics.

Not dissimilar to a mandarin in appearance, the yuzu has a very strong, zesty citrus taste. It’s widely grown in central China, Tibet and parts of Japan and Korea. Oddly enough, you could possibly grow the yuzu here in Ireland because, unlike most citrus fruits, it’s quite hardy and resilient to low temperatures and frost. Asian cuisine uses the yuzu in everything from marmalade to teas; it’s treated like a lemon, as such.

On the other hand, the lychee is a much sweeter fruit. Underneath the prickly lychee rind is a translucent white fleshy fruit with a floral smell and a sweet flavor. It’s a fruit that is incredibly rich in vitamin C and it’s used in making jams, curries and particularly desserts. Here’s our head brewer Cathal with a bit more detail:


Don’t mind that eejit at the start of the video saying the beer is ‘out soon’; he made that before he went on his holidays. Tokyo Calling is on pre-sale right now: click here for details.

These two exotic fruits will give you plenty of tropical and citrus notes, but to really put the icing on the cake we’ve dry-hopped Tokyo Calling with El Dorado and Idaho 7 hops for extra flavour and aroma. Ever wondered what dry-hopping involves? Here’s Cathal again:


We’ve got Tokyo Calling on pre-sale right now. You can pick up a case of 24 x 440ml cans or get a nice 5 litre mini keg. We deliver nationwide or you can call and collect your order from the brewery here in Inchicore. Have a browse through our shop here for Tokyo Calling and lots of other beers and special offers. We are offering FREE delivery to residents in Kildare, Laois and Offaly up until Saturday August 22nd. Oh, and it’s also on tap at Rascals HQ! Book a table here and enjoy it on draught.