Discover our Pub of the Month for June!

The Merry Cobbler was an easy pick for our Pub of the Month. We selected it simply because it is a new little gem of a bar in Irishtown that everyone needs to know about!

We knew it was special the minute we walked up to the door. The bright blue exterior is eye-catching and inviting and once you walk through the door you are immediately hit with all this breathing space and natural sunlight but combined with the feel of a traditional pub with lots of little enclosed snug areas. You can also grab a really good bite to eat here from their award-winning gastro food menu, and pair it with some decent local craft beers (Like Rascals!).

The Merry Cobbler is a real family affair, ran by brother, sister and dad. We popped in recently to chat with Will about the history of the pub.

Incredibly, we find out this venue has been on the go since 1853 when it first opened as a seafood tavern. Knowing this really adds something to the experience of the pub. It passed through only 3 families until it was taken over by the Clarke family in 1932, who held onto it for 80 years. After a brief period operating as Sober Lane, the Stafford family purchased the property in late 2016 and renamed it The Merry Cobbler – a nod to shoe cobblers of old in the area and it’s sister pub, and Munster gastro pub of the year, Merrys in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

But the best thing for us is that they have a great range of Irish craft beers. We asked Will “Why Rascals?” He tells us that “…it’s not about what we like but rather what our customers want, so after Rascals dropped in cans of the Yankee White IPA we gave them to our customers in exchange for feedback….and subsequently Yankee White IPA was brought in on draught and has been selling well since.”.

Well fair enough Will! We are really proud that it is going well here and reaching a wide range of different customers.

We will be holding one of our Spin The Wheel events in the Merry Cobbler on the 23rd June so it’s a great excuse for YOU to check the place out. And as a special treat, we’ll have a pilot of our next special brew due to be released on draught and cans in August! So pop in and tell them we sent ya!