EVENT: Rascals Beer College is back!


Rascals Beer College is back!

We can 100% justifiably say ‘back by popular demand’ because the last one sold out completely. This round of Beer College is open to anyone, even participants of the previous Beer College. Come one, come all!

We’ve some excellent new beers for this session, and a few big beers too.

Beer College is for anyone on the spectrum of beer appreciation: from the weekend dabbler to the diligent devotee. This is a broad and welcoming church; our congregation represents every beer drinker. 

We’re excited about a brand new Rascals pilot brew for this coming Beer College. We put some top secret ingredients (think passionfruit, mango and pineapple) into our pilot brewing kit, added some Rascals love, and the end result is a real humdinger. This new pale ale is only pouring in Rascals HQ so you’re getting a proper treat.

We’ve a strong guest beer from DOT Brew, one of the most innovative Irish craft breweries around, as well as our own juicy banger: the 9 New England DIPA.

Rascals Beer College also includes the awarding of a swanky diploma. There might just be a small ‘exam’ at the end, but we use the term loosely. While this diploma has literally zero academic merit, it’ll look great in a frame above your mantelpiece and it’s sure to be an ideal talking point for lulls in conversation when your boring neighbours or in-laws call over unannounced.

Our most recent Beer College also turned out to be a fantastic social occasion. We set the tables out like a German beerhall and everyone quickly got into the spirit of things.

At the end of the day it’s about having a laugh and learning a few things about what makes a good beer great.

So what are you waiting for? It’s next Wednesday February 20th 7pm at Rascals HQ. Get your tickets right here: