Jeff Bridges: Why Did You Do This To Us?


We all got very excited last week when Jeff Bridges tweeted this:

Could it really be? Dare we to hope for a new Big Lebowski movie? It was potentially the most wonderful news for Coen Brothers fans across the world. However, our hopes were well and truly crushed today when The Dude followed up with this tweet:

Yes, it seems Jeff Lebowski agreed to be in an ad for Stella Artois, with Sarah Jessica Parker. The Belgian pilsner, owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev, made the commercial to promote their association with, an organization which works to bring water and sanitation to people who need it.

So that’s very nice and all, but seriously dudes: you cruelly got our hopes up.

Jeff Bridge’s memorable and brilliant character promoting Stella Artois is a bit of a mismatch, considering The Dude’s choice of beverage is a White Russian, but celebrities endorsing beer is a fun rabbit hole to wander down.

Not too long ago we had this initially-amusing-but-then-weird ad for a small Danish lager company starring Jack Charlton, Mick McCarthy and John Giles.

Maybe they needed the money. Someone who didn’t need the money when he agreed to take a few quid from a brewery is Will Ferrell. In 2008, for a Super Bowl ad, the Anchorman star posed as a Ron Burgundy-esque sports star to endorse a little-known U.S. beer.

It’s mildly amusing, in the same way the product he’s endorsing is mildly like beer. Three lads who’ve decided to make a lot of money from beer ads, as well as brewing, are the Hanson boys. Yes, those same Hanson boys who tormented us in the late 90s with their irresistibly catchy and utterly annoying song ‘Mmmbop’. Several years ago they founded their own brewery: Hanson Brother Beer Company, with the aptly-named core beer Mmm Hops Pale Ale.

They haven’t aged a day. In terms of endorsements, you can’t get much bigger than the U.S. president right? White House Honey Ale got two thumbs up from Barack Obama during his time in office, probably because he brewed it himself. Well, sort of. Obama bought a homebrewing kit and began to dabble a little. Working with his kitchen staff, he developed a couple of recipes and brewed a series of three White House Honey Ales: a porter, a blond and a brown ale. Rather hilariously, two attorneys – themselves homebrewers – sent Freedom of Information requests demanding the recipe.

So the big question we’re asking ourselves is who do we recruit to promote Rascals? We did approach a well-known music star but he’s yet to respond:

I’m sure he’ll be getting back to us real soon. Alternatively, Jeff Bridges if you’re reading this we’d be happy to sit down and throw about a few ideas. Maybe a White Russian IPA?