PICS: Fruitropolis Launch Party

Well that was fun! On Friday we had a launch party for our new tropical pale ale Fruitropolis and what better way to celebrate than with some limbo dancing? It was a packed house and not since Magnum P.I. have we seen so many fantastic Hawaiian shirts.

Sure look, if you can’t don your swankiest Hawaiian shirt and test your limbo dancing skills at Rascals HQ then what can you do?

We had a great crowd on the night, including a couple of group bookings who certainly got more than they bargained for. You never know what might be happening at Rascals HQ!

Our special guest for the evening was dance and burlesque star Bonnie Boux.

She didn’t waste any time in making sure people got into the spirit of things. Here’s Rascals co-founder Cathal trying out what could be a new work uniform for the brewers.

Then we had to get down – excuse the pun – to the serious business of limbo dancing. Bonnie was taking no prisoners.

We had a few people who it seemed might have done this kind of thing before!

And some who seemed to bend the rules a little bit.

Tunes were provided by the brilliant Anna and Cormac.

Sure, it’s the taking part that counts!

We’ll have to do it again soon. Keep an eye on our events calendar for lots of other great nights like this at Rascals HQ!


Pics by Laura Berrigan