PICS: Pizza Workshop with Core Youth Services

We might have found some rather talented pizza chefs of the future! Today we welcomed John, Troy, Jayden and Christopher to Rascals HQ for a pizza training workshop with our head chef Patch.

The lads were here with Lizzy and Stephen from Core Youth Services.

No shortage of enthusiasm when it came to getting stuck into the dough! They were also 100% certain on what toppings they wanted, with pepperoni being a firm favourite.

Core Youth Service is an independent community-based youth service here in Inchicore, just up the road from Rascals HQ. They provide non-formal education, individual and group support, as well as activities to support young people from Inchicore to grow and develop to their full potential.

The boys are on Easter holidays so what better time to call into their neighbourhood pizza restaurant and get a behind-the-scenes tutorial on how to make pizza, why yeast is important, what it takes to run a restaurant, and much more besides.

The verdict? Thumbs up all round! Patch might get a bit worried about the high standard created by these lads. Perfect pizzas and the proof of the pudding is in the eating.