What Stands Out When You Think Of Irish Food And Drink?

The stereotypes around what Irish people eat and drink are well and truly alive, but maybe it’s fair to say people wouldn’t know how much our tastes have changed if they’ve yet to visit the country. What would you suppose is the number one thing that stands out when potential tourists were asked what they think of Irish food and drink? If you thought alcohol, you’d be right. However, take a look at the results below and you’ll see there is a bit more significance in the findings.

These research results are highlighted in the Failte Ireland Food and Drink Strategy 2018 – 2023. ‘Beer’ is far and away the thing that stands out. On one hand you could go on a rant about negative perceptions of Ireland, but on the other hand this is a very interesting statistic for craft beer producers. If foreign visitors expect beer then we’ve a duty to give them only the best beer. It doesn’t have to be a negative statistic. Undoubtedly the French would be very proud of a strong association with wine and champagne, and rightly so. The Russians have a long and successful tradition of making vodka, although a friend who lived there told me it’s mostly consumed to keep warm. Nonetheless, the point remains the same.

Now that we have a burgeoning craft beer industry in this country, why can’t we champion it and bolster Ireland’s tourism offering with a reputation for excellent craft beer?

A pint of Rascals Irish Coffee Stout: a proper Irish porter


It’s also heartening to see up-and-coming hungry young brands Guinness on this list. Good luck to those guys. They’ll do well I’d say.

As for the food expectations, unless these visitors end up in such wonderfully authentic Irish eateries like Spuddy McGinty’s Olde Potato Kitchen in Temple Bar, or Granny McMurphy’s Stew Shack in Killarney, they’re going to be disappointed.

Corned beef & cabbage? I have literally never had corned beef & cabbage, and I don’t know anyone who has. For many years I had corned beef sandwiches in primary school and I still bear the emotional scars from this profoundly unpleasant experience.

Corned beef and cabbage: literally doesn’t exist

Stew and meat? Hello, 1955 rang and they want their dinner back.

Soda bread? A complete myth.

We’re all about the bento box and burritos these days.

Supporting your Irish craft beer producer keeps them in a great position to continue offering top quality beers for tourists. Buy local, buy craft: it’s the patriotic thing to do! And while you’re here, click over to our online shop for some special offers on the new 9 New England DIPA and Grey Area Lemon Thyme Saison.