Which Rascals beer was Bill Murray quite fond of?

Today is International Stout Day so we thought we’d share some famous Rascals screen moments over the years Here are some fun facts:

During the filming of this scene from Lost In Translation, Scarlett Johansson would frequently burst into a rendition of ‘Give The Woman In The Bed More Porter’ while Bill Murray laughed uncontrollably and crushed empty cans of The Big Smoke.

Jeff Bridges originally wanted our legendary Irish Coffee Stout to be his drink of choice but the Coen Brothers were in hock to the vodka industry and had to insist on a White Russian. They have since denied this but we all know the truth.

Stanley Kubrick flew in six kegs of our Cereal Killer granola stout during filming of The Shining, but the scenes featuring our beer had to be cut because of Jack Nicholson’s strong views against granola. He would only drink the pints after the constituent ingredients of the granola were extracted.

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