Rascals Recipes: Hazy In Love Boozy Salsa



What’s better than a good salsa? A boozy salsa of course. In Mexico they have a thing called ‘Borracha salsa’, which literally translates as ‘drunk salsa’, which is bloody great. They put tequila and beer into it and all sorts. Typically the Mexicans favour lager but for my boozy salsa recipe I’m harnessing the seductive fruity flavours and aromas of our new Hazy In Love 5% hazy IPA.


Here’s what you’ll need:

Half of 1 very ripe mango, finely diced

1 ripe avocado, finely diced

Half of 1 red onion, finely chopped

Big bunch of fresh coriander

Zest and juice of half a lime

5 or 6 decent sized tomatoes, chopped

Just a tiny bit of fresh garlic

Little bit of olive oil

Salt & Pepper

Fresh chilies, whatever variety you like

Just a few sliced Jalapenos – I use the ones you buy in a jar

Almost half a can of Rascals Hazy In Love



Throw all the chopped tomatoes, chilis, jalapenos, garlic, a good chunk of the coriander leaf, the oil, salt and pepper, the Hazy In Love IPA, lime zest and juice, into a food processor and blend it up.

Tip it into to a nice broad bowl. Has to be nice. You might have visitors calling.

Then just throw in the avocado, mango, red onion and mix it through really thoroughly. I like a bit of crunch and chunkiness in my salsa and that’s why I’m not blending these with all the other stuff. It’s way better, trust me. Pop into the fridge, with cling film over it, for an hour just to let the flavours mingle and set.

Take it out and sprinkle some coriander leaves on top and off you go. This one is quite spicy and hot, as it should be. Alter the chili/jalapeno quantity depending on how spicy you like things. Big shout to my brother-in-law Ollie who provided me with the chilis and garlic from his ridiculously prodigious polytunnel.

This is the kind of salsa you could serve with anything: tortilla chips, fajitas, chili, burgers, wings… knock yourself out!



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