How We Made Our New Zealand Beers


Two beautiful beers with a big New Zealand influence: Betty’s dry-hopped New Zealand 4.5% Helles lager and Bruce’s hazy New Zealand 6.2% IPA. We told you here about the Rascals story beginning 18,000 km away in Wellington and the inspiration for the design for these new beers. Now let’s get down to the profiles!



Let’s tell you about Bruce first. This is a full-bodied hazy IPA with ripe tropical fruit, citrus peel flavours and a perfectly balanced sweetness. We used Bruce hops in the whirlpool and we also dry-hopped this IPA with same. These special hops are named after Bruce Eggers who has been farming hops with his wife Betty in Sunrise Valley, New Zealand, for over fifty years. Freestyle Hops have gained much global renown for the quality of their hops. We’ve also dry-hopped the beer with Nelson Sauvin, giving distinct fruity notes of mango, lychee and fresh crushed gooseberries. Generous additions of wheat and oats in the malt bill provide a smooth hazy texture and mouthfeel. Here’s head brewer Cathal having a first taste:



As for Betty, she began life here back in November as part of our Pilot Kit Series:



We took a Pilsner malt, Helles yeast and we added Betty hops in the whirlpool and when we dry-hopped the beer too. These special hops are named after… you’ve guessed it: Betty Eggers, Bruce’s wife. The flavour and aroma suggests gooseberry and lime; it suits the lager incredibly well and makes it more refreshing, with extra crispness on the finish. The colours are unreal too; it’s a damn pretty looking beer!



Our new Betty dry-hopped lager and Bruce hazy IPA will be on sale now! Click here to buy a case of 12, a mixed case or a 5 litre mini keg.